My Ramadan Nasheed Playlist

Half of Ramadan has passed already! Can you believe it? During the year, before Ramadan starts, or when I'm missing it, I listen to nasheeds reminding me about the beauty of this month. In Ramadan, when I am driving or want to listen to something whilst cooking, I usually put on Qur'an that I can … Continue reading My Ramadan Nasheed Playlist


Get them out! Five reasons not to vote Tory

As a working class, former student, the Tories have never had a lot going for me. In 2010, I was still in school, unable to vote, but aware of the politics that could shape my future. With the Lib Dems emerging that year as a strong voice, I secretly hoped that they would win the … Continue reading Get them out! Five reasons not to vote Tory

Followed in the Mesquita! (Cordoba)

Much like the other cities that I visited in Andalusia, Cordoba is a mix of the old and new, standing side by side. There isn't one spot that sums it up more than the entrance into Cordoba's Juderia district - Puerta de Almodóvar. Originally built in the fourteenth century to help protect the Old Town, … Continue reading Followed in the Mesquita! (Cordoba)