I am a Muslim.

Muslim’s follow and try and emulate the Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him). In order to get a true indication of his character, countenance and appearance, we rely on narration and descriptions of the Prophet (Peace be upon him)’s life.

One of the most amazing descriptions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is given by a lady by the name Umme Ma’bad. She met him (pbuh) whilst he was travelling on the journey of migration from Makkah to Madinah. She described him with the following words:

“I saw a man who is handsome, of glowing countenance, and of good proportions, with neither a large stomach nor a small head. He is smart of appearance, with balanced features, deep black eyes, and long eyelashes. His voice is not coarse. He has a long neck, a full rounded beard, and thick eyebrows that meet each other. When he is silent, he is stately and composed, and when he speaks, his appearance is impressive. 

“He is the most beautiful and striking man from a distance and the best and most beautiful from close up. He is well spoken, clear in what he says, saying neither too much nor too little, his words flowing forth like a perfect string of pearls. 

“He is neither too tall nor overly short, a stately man in the company of two other stately men, and he is the most prominent among them and the most well-respected. 

“He has companions who surround him. If he speaks, they listen to him, and if he commands, they hasten to fulfill his command. He is well served and attended, though he is neither stern nor argumentative.” 

Everything about him was absolute perfection.


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