East meets West

I expected views like this to only be found in a place I will never visit. But here it is, taking my breath away with every soft – perfect temperatured – breeze. I could probably sit here all day and am finally convinced that this is truly a city of wonder. East meets West. Old meets new. And I meet a lifelong dream…

The sun perches on my left, kissing a mosque minaret, bringing glad tidings to all of those who are fasting. In less than an hour the biggest star will leave, and the dry mouths and hungry stomachs will be revived, in preparation for the evening prayers.

A seagull flies past my face. They seem to come alive at this time, endlessly flying alongside crows and little chirping birds. Their calls are just another instrument to the strange yet wonderful song. They play alongside boat engines sailing down Bosphorus, distant car horns, waves waving in water that stretches as far as the eye can see, and the adhan calling people to prayer five times a day.

In front of me is the Asia side of Istanbul, across the water. Overcrowded steps of buildings, seemingly trying to compete for a view of the other side – the Europe side, where I am sat. The buildings fade towards the right, replaced by tall trees, a carpet of well-fed dark green.

The sky changes colour as the sun lowers itself further and further. Kissing minarets before peeking out from behind a dome – a bright ball of orangey-reddish-yellow (That colour that only the sun seems to achieve).

Seagulls sing louder, the breeze grows stronger, the sky dims a little and I heavy-heartedly leave the picturesque beauty.

‘Time to pray’, the sun whispers, as it finally hides away for today.


2 thoughts on “East meets West

  1. Apa’s blog is so good Mashallah, so interesting, my favourite is about the man who said ‘Do you even know what she looks like’ ☺️

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