This, too, shall pass

I was just taking a look through unfinished/finished blog posts and random things that I have written through the years, and noticed how similar and different they all were.

There’s a lot about society, and the different struggles taking place at the time of writing, globally and personally. But one thing which struck me is how they all reflected different challenges (as well as not so challenging moments), which seemed like the worse/best thing ever.

Every moment and every situation seemed to have something new to throw. Something which instantly declared itself as a blessing, something which only showed its worse side, and some things which just appeared and attached themselves to the general flow of life. Each one, however, seemed to feel at the time, like the leader of all important things.

I realised that this is how it is through every day of life. In the most challenging moments, it tends to feel like nothing will ever go right, and sometimes the good moments can make it seem like nothing can ever go wrong. But looking back at times like that in the past, it’s clear that they all came and passed. We learnt to deal with them, new things replaced them, and life still goes on.

I guess the most difficult thing to remember is that happy moments don’t stay forever, so make the most of them. And sad moments never promised to stay, so persevere through them.

This, too, shall pass.


The story behind the above quote can be found at the following link. It’s definitely worth a read:


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