Welcome oh Ramadan…

Welcome Sultan of Eleven Months
Welcome to the Sultan of Eleven Months

Last year, I spent the first week of Ramadan in Istanbul. I clearly remember the moment the Adhan for Maghrib was called, announcing the start of the blessed month.

There was a warm breeze, and the atmosphere suddenly burst with excitement. Car horns were honked, and the Masjid lights lit up one by one. It was simply beautiful.

The next few days of Ramadan in Istanbul were equally exciting. The next day, just before the first fast was broken, I wrote this blog post, whilst staring out at the sun setting over the Bosphorus. I miss Istanbul dearly.

This year, I am sat in my flat in the UK, with Ramadan lights outside of my window waiting to be switched on. It’s nice to spend Ramadan in an inclusive city, where the streets are lit with Ramadan celebrations. I am currently counting down the minuted until Maghrib, when Shaytaan is locked away (YAY!!), the sun starts to set, and I am blessed with seeing another Ramadan. InshaAllah.

Despite being in a different place, in a different year, Ramadan still has a way of making me plaster a continuous smile on my face. It truly is the Sultan of eleven months.

I just want to take this moment to wish you all an amazing Ramadan, fillled with peace and happiness, and request that you remember me in your duas.

Welcome oh Ramadan

Welcome to the Sultan of Eleven Months

Hoş geldin şehri Ramazan

Hoş geldin onbir ayın sultani


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