Writer’s block.

When I started this blog (after so many others), I vowed to myself to blog at least once a week, and everyday when I was super motivated. But, as you can see, I’ve ended up posting a trickle of random posts, with minimal consistency.

I go about my day with so many thoughts and ideas. There are so many things which I want to blog, or share. Then I fire up the laptop, stare at the screen and wonder whether it is worth telling at all.

Do people really want to hear my opinion on a non-issue?

Does this even make sense?

This post is finished, but I’ll ‘edit’ it again later through fresh eyes.

My writer’s block isn’t always an inability to write (although that pays a visit too), but a mixture of annoyingly persistent bouts of low self-esteem and just an aversion to the ‘publish’ button.

So from now, I vow to post as much as possible. I think the best remedy for writer’s block is just to write endlessly.

Click ‘Publish’.


Veiled Journal.


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