Being Sick, Liquid diet, and Goodbye Zambia. (Part 7)

Livingstone was amazing. I really hope I can visit the Victoria Falls again in the rainy season, and experience the Falls in all of their glory.

We returned from Livingstone back to Lusaka on Thursday. The journey took 7 hours, and I was completely shattered by the end of the day.

It is now Saturday, and I am at a super lively bbq dawat (dinner/lunch party), feeling very sick. I was woken up for fajr this morning with an uncomfortable need to free my body of all food (if you get my gist), and have felt completely yuk since. The smell of bbq is making me feel even more nauseous, so I have found a quiet room away from the food and people. My stomach is empty, and the weather is boiling hot, so I have been told to keep hydrated and sip water.

I’m not really surprised that I feel this way. My stomach is quite sensitive, and I could hardly expect not to be affected in some way when travelling to a third world country.

After about half an hour, I start to feel a little better and join the other guests eating outside. I don’t dare to eat the bbq meat, so snack on some potato salad. Somebody tells me to have fizzy Sobo (a bit like fizzy vimto) to try and calm my stomach. I rarely have fizzy drink, but try it anyway. What harm could it do?


THE FIZZY DRINK DID A LOT OF HARM! I realise this an hour later as I bend over the toilet bowl puking purple juice and my guts out! I refuse to have anything but water for the rest of the day.


The rest of the day went from bad to worse. I constantly felt sick, and eventually went to the doctor who has put me on a liquid diet until Monday, and then pureed food until Tuesday. He immediately ruled out Malaria (which is the biggest fear), and said that I have food poisoning, for which I have to take three types of disgusting, large tablets every twelve hours for the next five days.

It’s Sunday, and we’re flying out to Malawi this afternoon. I have successfully packed all of my stuff (and the additional stuff people sent) into my suitcases, and get ready for the airport.

I know I will miss Lusaka. I have met amazing people, and made new friends. And, despite the mosquito bites and sick days, I have already decide that I will visit again at some point. God willing, InshaAllah.

Goodbye Zambia.

NOTE: This is pretty important in the life of my stomach. The airline offered complimentary snacks, which included a delicious looking cake. And…I couldn’t eat it. Unfair? Totally!

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