Andalusian Adventure


In August 2016, I went on an amazing journey to the south of Spain (Andalusia). I had the opportunity to visit stunning landmarks, view beautiful scenery, and remember a major part of Islamic history.

My family and I moved around Andalusia over seven days, visiting five different cities, and staying over in four cities. We, six adults and two children, spent hours travelling in a hired minibus, and stayed in different types of Airbnb apartments.

In preparation for this trip, we researched, and discussed where we should – or shouldn’t – visit, how long we should stay in a place, where we should stay, and all of the other logistics of planning a week away. We finally came up with a loose plan for the trip, leaving some decisions for when we arrived in Spain. For example: two of our accommodations were booked when we got there.

This might seem strange to strict holiday planners, who would rather not make decisions whilst away, and it did seem worrying to me before we left. But Alhamdulillah (praise is to God) it all worked out for us in the best way.

Whilst away, I wasn’t entirely sure whether I would blog about the trip, and decided not to when I returned. However, two months later, I am finally organising my pictures, and have realised that the amazing places that I visited are most definitely worth talking about.

Starting this week, I will be filling my blog with posts about the different places I visited in Andalusia with a little bit of background for them all.

Let the #AndalusianAdventure begin…

Travel to the next part of my  #AndalusianAdventure: Malaga



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