My Ramadan Nasheed Playlist

Half of Ramadan has passed already! Can you believe it?

During the year, before Ramadan starts, or when I’m missing it, I listen to nasheeds reminding me about the beauty of this month.

In Ramadan, when I am driving or want to listen to something whilst cooking, I usually put on Qur’an that I can recite along with. As Ramadan is the month of the Quran, it is best to listen and recite the Qur’an as much as possible.

However, even half-way through Ramadan, there’s no harm in getting a melodious reminder to keep our worship and appreciation strong.

So here is my playlist of Ramadan nasheeds:

1. Ramadan, Maher Zain

With a version in Arabic and English, this is one of my favourites. It really brings out the appreciation for this month, as it reminds of the uplifting feeling Ramadan brings.

My favourite lines: “How I wish you’d be here with me all year around”.

2. Roh Enabah, Yazid Al Amasi and Bader Al Hamoudi


This is one of my absolute favourite nasheeds ever. It is so beautiful that I made the mistake of having it as my alarm for a while. Big mistake, as I just let it play to listen to it. This video has the English transltion.

Favourite line: “Ramadan, you have returned as peace to our hearts, you place in our souls the longing for you”.

3. Ramadan, Ibrahim Al Majid

This is in Arabic, and I cannot find an English translation for it. If anyone can source one, please do comment below.

This video has pictures of how Ramadan is done all around the world. So, even if you don’t understand the Arabic, you can take a look at the pictures and marvel and the diversity of the Muslim Ummah.

My favourite line: ” رمضان يا شهرة الفتوح و نصرة”

4. Ramadan is my Life, Amal Qatami and Ahmed Dassan

This video has the translation in English for this Arabic nasheed. Amal’s sweet voice ensures that this is one that children will enjoy as well as adults.

My favourite lines: “Ramadan is my life. It beautifies my time. O Lord accept my prayers”.

5. Ramadan, AbdulMalik Nami

This is a feel good nasheed that I can’t help but smile and sing along with. It is an Arabic nasheed with the English translation.

Favourite line: “With verses and praise, and in a flood of fragrance. Here Ramadan is a school, that illuminates our brains”

Do you have a favourite Ramadan nasheed, or a few favourites? Leave a comment below, and let everyone know.


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